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International conference – open prison (Straz pod Ralskem)


Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic (MoJ) implemented in September 2015 together with Prison Service of the Czech Republic (PS CR) and Directorate of Norwegian Correctional System (DNCS) bilateral project “Study visit to Norway – exchange of experience and good practice in electronic monitoring and probation houses”. During the implementation of the project the participants visited the open prisons in Bastoy. The other study visit to Norway took place from 22nd to 24th of August 2016 and Czech delegation visited the open prisons in Troegstad, high-security prison in Ringerike and Kroksrud. The Czech delegation discussed with the representatives of DNCS the plans of implementing the open prison system to the Czech Republic.

The international conference - open prison was implemented under the patronage of the minister of justice JUDr. Robert Pelikán, Ph.D. The conference was held on 6th and 7th of March 2017 in the premises of the prison academy in Straz pod Ralskem, with 80 participants and experts from justice sector. The main objective of the initiative is to exchange and transfer experience related to open prison system and to discuss the specific plan for implementation of the open prison system into the Czech prison system.

The Participation was confirmed by six foreign experts from Norway (3), Finland (1), Romania (1) and Germany (1) and together with Czech representative (MoJ and Prison Service) they did a speeches related to latest information about open prison system in different countries.

The initiative is in compliance with Conception of prison system to 2025 introduced in January 2016 which set as one of the goals lowering of recidivism. One of the tools to achieve this goal is to implement the system of open prisons into the Czech prison system.

The initiative will strengthen bilateral cooperation between the Partner of the Programme CZ15 (Czech MoJ) and the Donor Programme Partner (DNCS). The initiative is in compliance with the main goals of the Fund for Bilateral Relations at Programme Level, measure B, which is used to establish and foster cooperation, and to exchange, pool and transfer knowledge, technology, experience and best practices between the Czech Republic and Norway. The initiative is also in compliance with the Programme Area 32 – Correctional services, including alternative sentencing, aimed at improving the correctional services system in accordance with relevant international human rights instruments.






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