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In general, the CZ15 Programme implementation was influenced by long tendering process within projects implemented by Ministry of Justice and Prison Service. Implementation of all projects was extended till 30 April 2017 in order to remedy delays and allow for efficient utilisation of funds.

One of the main objectives EEA Grants, strengthening bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and the Donor States, is being implemented at Programme level. Within the CZ Programme the Cooperation Committee meeting was organized twice in 2016. First meeting was held in April 2016 in Prague, the other one was held in December 2016 in Strasbourg. Representatives of PDPs were invited to the meeting in Prague in order to present their pre-defined projects, achievements in the projects and ideas about possible bilateral activities. Both meetings focused mainly on current status of the Programme, individual PDPs implementation and discussions about the possibilities of the use of savings from the pre-defined projects for further bilateral activities.

Pre-defined projects (PDP)

PDP2 - A system of further education for employees of the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic

PDP 2 has been implemented in line with the plan as amended by two substantial project modifications approved in 2016. All originally planned activities including training within all compulsory and optional modules, preparation of training manuals, supervision and bilateral activities were finished by 04/2016. The project conference was held in Prague on 16 and 17 March 2016 in the presence of Norwegian partners, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Prison service and some 50 PMS employees.

In 02/2016 the PO approved extension of project implementation period till 10/2016 and extension of project activities in order to allow for utilisation of savings. The additional activities included another study visit to Norway and inclusion of three new training modules within the activity Compulsory and optional modules for all specializations.  

In 10/2016 the PO approved second extension of project implementation period till 04/2016 and further extension of training. Another three modules were included within the activity Compulsory and optional modules for all specializations.  


PDP3 - Projects for vulnerable groups and further education of employees of the Prison Service

The project was implemented in line with the amended project implementation schedule. Within the activity related to extension of 2 existing programmes for treating prisoners and development of 3 new programmes the research study on drug abuse was drafted, the methodical guidelines for each programme have been drafted and training of employees was carried out. Pilot version of programmes will be launched at the turn of 2016 and 2017.

Within the activity related to training and education of prison staff all planned courses in 6 thematic areas were finished by the end of the year 2016.

Within the activity focused on treatment of foreign prisoners 59 employees were fully trained in working with foreigners (1 employee, social worker dealing with foreigners, did not finish the training due to illness; however is able to provide requested services thanks to self-study) and the methodical guidelines were drafted. The methodological guidelines drafted within the training are further distributed among other professional prison staff working with prisoners. 2 information materials for foreign prisoners were drafted; translation to 16 languages will be carried out at the turn of the years 2016 and 2017. Social and legal counseling was provided by professional staff in 19 prisons, discussions and consultations included topics such as residence of foreigners living in the Czech Republic, social and legal issues, health services, work possibilities and deportation. 64 foreigners in custody and 264 sentenced foreigners attended the consultations.

All originally planned bilateral activities with DNCS were realized by the end of 2015, in 01/2016 a meeting of all Czech participants was held where outcomes and benefits of cooperation and possible use of knowledge within Czech prison system were discussed.

In 10/2016, the PO approved utilisation of savings caused by lower tender price of services for financing of additional activities within project. The bilateral cooperation was extended by a new donor project partner - the Alternative to Violence. The cooperation will focus on exchange of experience in work with aggressive persons, 3 seminars are planned to be held in Prague. The activity focused on training and education of prison staff was extended by a new course Work with indebted client. Both additional activities will increase the capacities and competences of prison staff. Relevant project indicators were amended accordingly.


PDP4 - Increasing effectiveness in preparation of prisoners before leaving Nové Sedlo prison

The contract with the supplier of construction works (rebuilding of the unfinished boiler house to a training centre) was signed in 07/2017 due to difficulties with procurement. Construction works started immediately after signing of the contract and approx. 60 % of works was finished by the end of the year 2016. According to an independent building expert who examined the building site during the on-the-spot monitoring visit of the PO in 11/2016 the construction shall be finished in 03/2017 at the latest (the exact date depends largely on climate conditions during winter season).

The equipment of the training centre including electronic and IT devices, furniture and household appliances will be delivered after completion of construction works. Tools and equipment for training in joinery and maintenance of public greenery have already been delivered.

Soft activities including work activities and 2 re-qualification courses (maintenance of public greenery and joinery) were implemented in alternative premises due to delays of construction works. 65 prisoners took part in work activities and 40 prisoners attended re-qualification courses.


PDP6 - Construction of a production and educational hall for retraining courses for prisoners before their release in Příbram Prison

Due to the long-term problems with public procurement (the tender for construction works had to be relaunched 5 times in order to comply with the requirements of the Czech public procurement law) there has been unfortunately no serious progress in construction works in the year 2016. The latest tender was launched in 10/2016 after consultation of the possibility of extension of the project completion deadline beyond 04/2017 with the FMO.

In accordance with Article 7.14, paragraph 6 of the Regulation it is possible to complete the project after 30 April 2017 if it is completed in timely manner. In such a case, all costs incurred before 30 April 2017 would be eligible for funding from the grant and all costs incurred after the eligibility deadline would be fully covered by the PP. The PO would confirm successful project completion in the Final Programme Report.

The contract with the winner of the tender for construction works was signed in 12/2016 and the works started immediately. The schedule of construction works is set for maximum 165 days, i.e. till 9 June 2017. The aim of the PP is to complete the construction in the shortest possible time; however, the length of construction works may be influenced by climate conditions during winter season. The state and progress of construction works will be reviewed by an independent building expert during the on-the-spot monitoring visit of the PO in 03/2017. The PO will then decide on appropriate extension of the deadline for meeting of project objectives. The attempt is to finish the whole project by the end of 06/2017 at the latest.

Implementation of soft activities has already started in alternative premises and the PP expects their completion by 04/2017. The course Work with PC was implemented twice in the year 2016, 56 prisoners attended the course. The tender for the courses Cook (30 prisoners) and Service in a restaurant (40 prisoners) was postponed till 01/2017. The courses shall be realized in alternative premises in 02 – 04/2017.


PDP7 - Increased effectiveness in treating young inmates in Kuřim Prison

The contract with the supplier of construction works (building of a single-level, three-wing superstructure on the existing prison building with 8 rooms for 32 young adult inmates) was signed in 12/2015 with aim to finish the works by 04/2016. Construction works started immediately after signing of the contract; however, there have been delays due to unforeseen technical condition of the building and subsoil and the deadline for completion of construction was postponed. The building was handed over with minor defects and backlogs in 12/2016, the occupancy permit should be issued in 01/2017.

The equipment of the special unit for young adults including electronic and IT devices, furniture and household appliances will be gradually delivered by 03-04/2017. The new building should be put into operation in 03/2017.

Activities focused on increasing qualifications and competences of professional prison staff working with young adults were fully implemented in 2016. The activities included socio-psychological training (2 participants), thematically focused courses (15 participants) and teambuilding (7 participants).

Activities focused on young adults included special treatment and educational programme for 32 prisoners which was implemented in the period 01 – 07/2016 in alternative premises. Also courses for house painters and bricklayers were successfully implemented; each course was attended by 10 prisoners. Supervision was provided from 01 – 07/2016.


Plans for the future bilateral projects within BFB

The justice sector is currently preparing two possible bilateral projects, the first concerning the international conference – open prison in Academy of the Prison Service (in Stráž pod Ralskem) in 03/2017 and the second possible initiative – study visit to Norway (in 06-07/2017) between Prison Service and DNCS related to management training and effectiveness of preparation of female prisoners before release from prisons. The Ministry of justice at present is in the process of discussion about the another initiatives that could be implemented.

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