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Implementing video-conferencing in the resort of Justice

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Number of the Project: NF-CZ15-PDP-1-002-2014

The aim of the project was implementation videoconferencing in the resort of Justice. By using this way of communication in the resort of Justice it will help increase the efficiency of functioning of all Judiciary sections as courts, prosecution and prison service. General objective of the project is to make the mutual communication between prosecution, courts and prisons more efficient.

Based on the tender, vendor atlantis telecom spol.s.r.o. was selected, which installed 143 videoconferencing sets at 123 locations and delivered E-learning. At all organizational units at least 3 people have been trained, in total more than 700 people.


Approved grant: 48 903 693 CZK (total expenditure 61 129 617 Kč)

Project Duration: Start date: 1st August 2014, End date: 30th April 2017




Contact Person: ddivak@msp.justice.cz


This project was funded from the EEA and Norwegian funds.


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